Newtown United Methodist Church

92 Church Hill Road • Sandy Hook, CT 06482


(203) 426-9998

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Newtown United Methodist Church

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Newtown United Methodist Church

For nearly 200 years, Newtown United Methodist Church has been characterized by strong dedication to God, openness to the power of the Holy Spirit, and a close commitment to the power of the Holy Spirit, and close commitment to Christ. The people called Methodists have served God and the community of God’s people locally, nationally, and globally. The purpose of the Newtown United Methodist Church is to invite all people, as a family, to know and worship God, and to equip them to offer Jesus’ love, forgiveness, healing, and justice to the community and the world, through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are dedicated to serving the human need through worship, sacred music, Christian education, care and support outreach and mission, and fellowship. We invite you to share the vision of ministry with us! NUMC is a member of the Connecticut Central District – With Christians of other communions we confess belief in the triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And . . . The New York Annual Conference The NUMC Staff Reverend Mel Kawakami, Senior Pastor Reverend Richard “Dick” Yerrington, Associate Pastor Reverend Sue E. Klein, Deacon Rahnna Peck Director, Wesley Learning Center Barbara Carlson, Church Secretary

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